No 1 : Cal-吴银-English Chinese Cantonese

Wechat note: 广东-广州-英口-吴银



Language: English Chinese Cantonese

Experience year: since 2016

Service offered:

  1. escorting translation陪同翻译
  2. business negotiation商务谈判
  3. booth translation 展会翻译
  4. meeting translation会议翻译

Good at fields:擅长领域

  1. Guangzhou car bearing 广州汽车轴承
  2. Guangzhou garment accessory广州服装辅料
  3. Guangzhou phone case广州手机壳
  4. Guangzhou led light  广州led 灯
  5. Guangzhou shoes  广州鞋
  6. Guangzhou usb cable 广州数据线

Experience related相关经验

2016 :

  1. On 2016.25th and 27th, I travelled to Shenzhen and Dongguan to receive India customers to see factory
  2. The second time is from 2016.4.15~4.19 , my mission is to help a factory from Shandong do a translation help in Canton Fair booth phrase 1
  3. The third time is on the 2016.4.24, accompanied by customers around the second phase of the Canton Fair to seek and buy Christmas decorations…

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