No 6: Christina-修成硕-English, Chinese, Cantonese/Consecutive Interpretation

Wechat note: 广东-深圳-英口-修成硕

Location:  Guangdong-Shenzhen,GZ,HK

Language: English, Chinese, Cantonese

Experience year: since 2012

Service Offered:

  1. Accompanied translation 陪同翻译
  2. Business negotiation 商务谈判
  3. Booth translation 展会翻译
  4. Consecutive Interpretation 交替传译

Good at fields: 擅长领域

  1. Marketing 市场营销
  2. Management 企业管理
  3. Trade 外贸
  4. Finance 财经
  5. Tourism 旅游观光
  6. Education 教育
  7. Culture 文化
  8. Shopping 购物
  9. Daily Life 日常生活


Experience Related 相关经验

1.2012/07-09 International Swimsuit Design Contest. Help contestants and buyers communicate

2.2013/08Huludao Cultural Festival     consecutive interpretation and accompanied translation

3.2014/05-07 Incheon Global Youth Camp   On-site translation for students and their teachers

4.2014/08-09 International Beach Cultural Festival     consecutive interpretation for the event

5.2015/07  Beijing&Xi’an tourist group       accompanied translation for foreign tourists

  1. 2016/03 Youtube marketing AH-PYB program
  2. 2016/04 Amazon&Ebay FBA program

8.2016/04 Netherlands wallpaper company new product marketing

9.2016/05  eBay team Product Sourcing advanced course  translate for the tutor at the courses

10.2016/07    Bali Island tourism promotion   translation for leaders and tourists

11.2016/11-12  Company Change Management program   program translation

12.2017/02   Leica camera marketing

13.2017/03   Ontario Canada Tourism Investment program

14.2017/03  Windows 10 system training          course translation

15.2017/04  HK Gifts&Premium Fair Shanghai company    booth translation

16.2017/05    Shenzhen ICIF Canadian painting exhibitor   booth translation

17.2017/05    Shenzhen ICIF Israeli exhibitor            booth translation

18.2017/03-07  During this time, I’ve traveled around Guangdong and HK to help customers

form many countries do their business. For example, visit factories, buy gifts,

souvenirs and products from local market, business negotiations and

Sightseeing etc.



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