No 9 JackZhou-周明霖-English, Cantonese, Guangzhou interpretation

Wechat note: 广东-广州/深圳/香港-英口-周先生

Location:Guangdong-Guangzhou, Shenzhen,HongKong,Dongguan,Zhongshan,Zhuhai

Language: English, Chinese,Cantonese

Experience year: since 2015

Service Offered:

  1. Booth Translation 展会翻译
  2. Business Negotiation 商务翻译
  3. Escorting  Interpretation 陪同翻译

Good at fields:

1 Foreign trade 外贸

2 Industrial engineering 工业工程

3 Mechanical equipment 机械设备

4 Mobile industry 汽车行业

5 Car bearing汽车轴承

6 Clothes industry 服装行业

7 leather industry 皮革行业

8 Information Technology    信息科技

9 Shoes  鞋子行业

Experiences: 口译经历

  1. Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, School of Multimedia – Mechanical Engineering
  2. receive Mauritius  customers to see a factory  in Shenzhen and Dongguan
  3. Virtual RealityTranslation in Zhuhai
  4. The 120 121 122 and 123 Canton Fair
  5. As a Part-time Job English Teacher
  6. 6.Villa Translation
  7. Huawei  Database
  8. Car OSCAR IN Guangzhou


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