No10: Lee-李丽English-Mandarin-Cantonese

Wechat note: 广东-广州-汉粤英-李丽

Location:Guangzhou(services delivered across the globe)

Length of service: since 2013


Business scope业务范围:

Liaison interpreting (联络口译)

Consecutive interpreting (交替传译)


Skilled in fields as:

Mechanical equipments (机械设备)

Electronics (电子产品)

Textile and Garment (服装纺织)

Automation (自动化)

Chemical materials (化学材料)

Gemstone and Jewelry (宝石与首饰)


Interpreting case:

8.5, 2018          Fashion events               liaison interpreting

  • Learned the working flow of the fashion show, interaction between each sectors and coordination of the performance fittings on site.
  • Provided interpreting services for international models at a overseas performance.


5.30-6.1,2018           equipment            liaison interpreting  

  • Learned the technical terms on shoes-ware machine and shoes material.
  • Known the work flow for robotic laminators and semi-automatic moulder.
  • Provided interpreting service for Nanhai Zhongxi during product demonstration.

22-25,2018   residency &visa       consecutive interpreting

  • Review documents of MRVP and Learned new policies of promotion.
  • Learned that various needs for corporate and retail customers on

immigration program and that marketing techniques.

  • Provided interpreting service for a Maltese company-Go to Europe.


5.10,2018              robotic           consecutive interpreting

  • Learned BELA system and technical terms of conveyor bridge in textile business
  • Known improvements in setup of BELA system , requirement for site

and corresponding facilities and personnel deployed.

  • Provided interpreting service for Performance and Fiber and the Chinese company.


4.18-19,2018      interior design           consecutive interpreting

  • Learned the mechanical layout and equipment layout  plan ,grounding system, internet wiring , interior design of  each floor of the complex podium and their technical terms
  • Refined interpreting skills on technical knowledge and business negotiation
  • Provided interpreting service for French Group GL event and Yuexiu Property


3.13-16,2018          Automotive parts     Consecutive interpreting

  • Learned about technical terms  of automotive parts and robot technology
  • Assisted engineers with technical training.
  • Provided interpreting service when section leader of product engineer  and the product  technician of Denso Michigan (Japanese global Automotive Component manufacturer ) came to Denso for trials, trouble shooting and technical support on fully automated production lines.


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