NO 11: Sandy-彭伟珊English-Mandarin-Cantonese

Wechat note: 深圳-英口-彭伟珊

Location:Shenzhen(services delivered across the globe)

Business scope业务范围:

Liaison interpreting (联络口译)

Consecutive interpreting (交替传译)


Skilled in fields as:

Bidding meeting(招投标会议)



Mechanical equipments (机械设备)

Electronics (电子产品)

Textile and Garment (服装纺织)

Automation (自动化)

Gemstone and Jewelry (宝石与首饰)

Interpreting case:


Date: September 8th  ,Liaison interpreting

English Interpretor in the court


Date: September 29th-30th ,Liaison interpreting

To help the policeman dealing with the crimial case in Shenzhen Huantian Police station


Date: September 18th and 27th, Liaison interpreting

Cantonese Interpretor in the court


Date::September 11th,Liaison interpreting

To help the patient to check cervical spondylosis problem in hospital


Date::September 5st to 7th,Liaison interpreting

Optical Fiber Exhibition


Date: September 1st to 4th, Liaison interpreting

China international beauty expo(Guangzhou)


Date: August 30th and September 1st, Liaison interpreting

Interpreter content: Iphone repair course translation.


Date: August 23th, Consecutive interpreting

Interpreter content: A small meeting for the medical monitor saling cooperation, the india customer want to import the monitor main board,alarm board,screen, parameter board from China, and assemble it in india,


Date:August 8th-10th , Consecutive interpreting

Visit the semiconductor and electronic components factory


Date: July 19th,Liaison interpreting

Comunication conference for Cable in Hongkong


Date: July 18th,23th and 30th, Liaison interpreting

English Interpretor for Model


Date: July 16th and 30th, Liaison interpreting

Cantonese Interpretor in the court


Date: July 19th,Consecutive interpreting

Comunication conference for wine.


Date: June20th-24th, 29th ,Liaison interpreting

China Watch & Clock Fair


Date: June 16th-17th, Liaison interpreting

Shenzhen e-commerce exhibition


Date: June 13th-15th, Liaison interpreting

India diamond exhibition


Date:June 11th, Liaison interpreting

Visit the air case factory


Date:June 9th-10th, Liaison interpreting

Shenzhen Fanshen Police station.


Date:June 3rd-6th, Liaison interpreting

Visit the shoe factory


Date:March 29th-29th, Consecutive interpreting

IT technical communication


Date:March 28th, Liaison interpreting

Shenzhen Baoan Gongjiao Police station.)


Date:March 21th-25th, Consecutive interpreting

Technical communication for monitor camera,including the facial detection function, alarm alert function,speak function, motion detection function, night version, playback, cloud, Nvr, protocol and so on.


Date:March 16th-17th, Liaison interpreting

Shenzhen Fanshen Police station.


Date: May 11th, Consecutive interpreting

Participate in project tender meeting in Hongkong


Date: May 8th, Liaison interpreting

Translator for Shenzhen Pingshan Sculpture Exhibition.


Date: May 5th-7th, Liaison interpreting

Translator for TV series shooting.)


Date: May 3th, Liaison interpreting

Interpret cantonese in the court


Date: April 21th-26th, Liaison interpreting

Jinhan Fair


Date: April 10th-14th, Liaison interpreting

Global Sources Electronics


Date:April 1st to 2nd, Liaison interpreting

Translation Theme: About Mechanical handling and stage disasembly for Canadian circus)


Date:March 23rd, Consecutive interpreting

A commentary on the interior design of the Colosseum in Rome


Date:March 23rd, Liaison interpreting

Shenzhen Xinle Police station.


Date: March 19th-21st, Liaison interpreting

The 42nd Hong Kong international film festival


Date: March 13rd,Liaison interpreting

Comunication conference for wine.


Date:March 9th-10th, Liaison interpreting

Shenzhen Songgang Police station.


Date:March 8th, Liaison interpreting

Prime Source Forum.)


Date: March 7th,Consecutive interpreting

Comunication conference for wine.)


Date:March 3nd-4th, Liaison interpreting

Visit the fabric market


Date:February 28th-29th,2018, Liaison interpreting

Booth translater for the 16th China shenzhen international qutomotive aftermarket industry and tuning(spring) trade fair.


Date:February 22th-26th,2018, Liaison interpreting

Translation Theme: About Mechanical handling and stage construction for Canadian circus)


Date:February 7th-8th,2018, Liaison interpreting

Interpreter Activity: Visiting the Pet Food Factory


Date: January 24,Consecutive interpreting

Comunication conference for wine.)


Date: From January 19th to 20th, Liaison interpreting

Interpreter activity:International Boxing Champions


Date: January 18, Consecutive interpreting

Interpreter for 2 communication conference, one is for blockchain financial technology application,the other is for Raising funds Details.)

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