No 12:Mabel-谢晓燕-English, Chinese, Cantonese/Consecutive Interpretation

Wechat note: 广东-广州-英口-谢晓燕

Location:  GZ,Shenzhen,foshan,zhongshan.e.g

Language: English, Chinese, Cantonese

Experience year: since 2008

Service Offered:

  1. Accompanied translation 陪同翻译
  2. Business negotiation 商务谈判
  3. Booth translation 展会翻译
  4. Consecutive Interpretation 交替传译

Good at fields: 擅长领域

  1. Sports competition运动赛事
  2. Trade 外贸
  3. Tourism 旅游观光
  4. Buiding material 建筑材料
  5. Culture 文化
  6. Shopping 购物
  7. Daily Life 日常生活


Experience Related 相关经验

2019.09.13             Competition Interpreter      

                      The Dragon Boat Tournament of Dongwei Cup in Jinli Town、Zhaoqing City

Being the interpreter and team member of Guangzhou International Dragon Boat for Press interview and taking the tournament and won the first prize.

2019.07.14-2019.07.18    Purchase Interpreter      Guangzhou Liuhua Garment Wholesale Market

Providing interpretation service for CEO comes from Cambodia Branch of Aeon Company and suppliers.

2018.11.14-2018.11.18    Tournament Interpreter  

The 13th Asian Dragon Boat Tournament in Foshan.

Being the interpreter of Japanese delegates and organizers.

2018.09.19-2018.10.10    Business Interpreter      Foshan

One month interpretation work in company for the settlement of devices.

2018.07.02-07.03         Business Interpreter    

 The 4th  China-Israel Science and Technology Innovation Investment Conference in Zhuhai

Providing translation  for Amir in Young Engineer Company and charging the investment needs of Israel.

2018.05.17              Accompanying Interpreter      White Swan Hotel

Being the business interpreter in Sino-US Investment Cooperation Exchange Forum in Guangzhou and charging the investment needs for American company.

2018.3.8-2018.07.20      Maritime Interpreter       Changzhou Island in Guangzhou


As the translator of Huangpu Shipyard for receiving the Pakistani military to understand the equipment and training of the warships.

2017.10.20-11.01        Exhibition Interpreter       Guangzhou Import and Export Fair

As a accompanying interpreter for Slovak customer , being responsible for his products procurement.

2017.10.15-10.19         Exhibition Interpreter       Guangzhou Import and Export Fair

Being the interpreter and foreign trader for Great-wall hared-wave company

2017.10.01-10.07         Foreign Tour guide          Guanzhou

Being the foreign tour guide for American clients and taking them to the Guangzhou sight-seeings and local special food.

2017.09.14-09.18         Dance interpreter           Guangzhou

Being the Accompanying interpreter for the Champion of Australian  Latin Dance BACHATA, and assisting her with translation during training.

2017.07.12-07.18         Accompanying Interpreter     Zhaoqing、Zhongshan、Foshan

Being the interpreter for Colombian client during business.

2017.07.08-07.11         Exhibition Interpreter         Zhaoqing

As theinterpreter of Cole Hardware company, responsible for the translation  and business in Guangzhou Building Materials Exhibition.

2017.06.04-06.20        Foreign Interpreter            Wisconsin, America

As the accompanying interpreter and conference translator for Great Wall Hardware company, and participating in bidding project with the 3rd building materials supermarket“Menards”.

2017.04.15-04.19        Exhibition Interpreter         Guangzhou Import and Export Fair

Being the foreign trade interpreter of Greatwall Hardwave company.

2017.04.06-04.14        Business interpreter           Shenzhen

Being the interpreter for Egypt clients while purchasing the mobile phone devices.

2017.03.28-03.31        Accompanying Interpreter      Guangzhou Import and Export Fair

Being the interpreter of Indian clients during purchase.

2017.03.18-03.21        Accompanying Interpreter       Guangzhou Import and Export Fair  

Providing translation service for Shengdao Factory in Office Furniture Fair.

2016.11.12-12.30         Accompanying Interpreter      Guangzhou、Zhuhai、Dongguan、Foshan

Being the interpreter of Kuwait clients and charging the business in purchase.

2012.10—-2016.10       Foreign Trader               Greatwall Hardwave Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd   

1.Charging the research and management of foreign trade market condition and products

2.Looking for potential clients and satisfying the clients’demands.

3.Being responsible for the apartment’s outing business and exhibition activities.

4.keeping in the touch with the business clients and the business negotiation.

5.Negotiating withe clients about the details in contract and sign the contract successfully.

2008.09.01-2008.10.10   Foreign Tour Guide     Guilin  

Being the Foreign Tour Guide for those foreigners who are visiting Elephant Trunk Hill.






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