NO 13:Sandra-余佩珊-English Mandarin Cantonese

Wechat note: 广东-深圳-中英粤商务口译-Sandra余佩珊

Location: Guangdong-SZ

Language: English  Mandarin Cantonese

Experience year: since 2014

Service offered:

  1. Accompanied Interpretation陪同口译
  2. Business Negotiation商务谈判
  3. Booth Interpretation展会口译

Good at fields: 擅长领域

  1. Electronics 电子产品
  2. Health & Beauty健康&美容行业
  3. Car sharing 汽车共享行业
  4. Home, Lights & Construction  家具建筑业
  5. Wine 红酒行业
  6. Immigration/Tourism 移民/旅游
  7. Clothes 服装行业
  8. Machinery, Industrial parts & Tools 工业

Experience related相关经验

  1. Company: Health & Beauty

Content: As Dr.’s interpreter for the

whole trip, contract dealing etc.

Time period: 16 days

Locations: Shenzhen, HK, Jiangxi, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Jilin, Changsha

  1. Company: Home, Lights & Construction

Content: Business meetings

Products: LED screen, lights, signs

Location: Shenzhen and Guangzhou, 3 days

  1. Company: Auto & Transportation

Content: Business meetings

Products: Car hardware

Location: Shenzhen, 3 days

  1. Company: Electronics

Content: Fair

Products:Microphone, earphones,toothbrush

Location: HK, 5 days

  1. Company: Health & Beauty

Content: Business meetings

Products: Beauty products

Location:Chengdu, Shenzhen, Zhongshan 3 days

  1. Company:Indonesian E sports Company

Content: Find potential customers

Location: Shenzhen

  1. Company:Machinery, Industrial Parts & Tools

Content: Canton fair

Location: Guangzhou, 3 days

  1. Company: Wine

Content: Fair

Products: Australian wine


  1. Company: Immigration/Tourism

Content: Turkey Embassy Tourism Promotion

Location: Shenzhen


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