NO 14:Nancy-陈洁慧-English Mandarin Cantonese

Wechat note: 广东-广州-中英粤潮口译-Nancy-陈洁慧

Location: Guangdong-GZ

Language: English  Mandarin Cantonese Chaoshan dialect

Experience year: since 2016

Service offered:

  1. accompanied translation陪同翻译
  2. business negotiation商务谈判
  3. booth translation 展会翻译

Good at fields:擅长领域

1.GZ Apparel,Textiles & Accessories 面料,饰品

2.GZ Bags, Shoes & Accessories 箱包,鞋子

3.GZ Gifts, Sports & Toys  礼品,玩具

4.GZ Home, Lights & Construction 家居,灯饰,家具行业
Experience related相关经验

2019.04      Company: Tourism

Contents: Visit Canton fair and accompany Indian customers to check Guangzhou factory.


2019.03     Company: Tourism

Contents: Travel accompanied by English translation: planning a tour route  and accompany Indian customers to visit Guangzhou attractions.


2018.06     Company: Electronic

Contents:  Accompany Indian customers to purchase  mobile phone accessories in New Asia Electronic Digital Center.


2018.05    Company: Food

Contents:  Assist Chinese guests to successfully visit Turkish customers at Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou for business negotiations.


2018.04   Company: Guangzhou Jingku Plexiglass Products Co., Ltd.

Contents: English translation: As  the translator participated in the 123rd China Import and Export Fair.


2017.12   Company: Home, Lights & Construction

Contents: Accompanied by English translation: With Saudi customers to go to Foshan to purchase bathroom products.



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